Aztec print

Leather jacket: Mango. Skirt: Zara. Shoes: Hakei. Scarf: H&M.

Ayer fue la noche de Halloween, en la que el terror a los exámenes que vienen la semana que viene fue el único que vivimos.  

Yesterday was the night of Halloween, in which the terror of the exams coming next week, was the only one we felt.

The photos below are of a very special detail that arrived this week, as special as the people who sent it are for me. It's been years that I haven't seen them, but they're those kind of people that although the time goes by, you know they will always be close. This surprise really made my day; and I just can say THANK YOU for this but especially for being so special and great with me. As I always say, they're my American family. Hope to see you soon; to give you all the hug I just can send you right now :)



  1. oxxo polita la falta amaia!! :) te queda muy muy bien!! mañana tenemos cenorrio maca, maite y yo! te recordaremos! muxu haundia!!

    1. Aix Mireia!!! Merci!!
      Jo, qué bien; esa cena que ya era hora... a ver si se hace otra el año que viene... :)

      Recuerdos a todas, ta muxu handi bat!